im scared of being copyrighted again! i might have to do covers for my tributes now........ if anypony has tips on how to not get copyrighted and not have to do covers that would be great

Dove’s_Art_and_Oc’sadded December 2, 2018
Dove’s_Art_and_Oc’sDecember 2, 2018

@rainbow2222 i ceridited the music for my scarlet dimond tribute and still got copyrighted


@WolfGamer24 @KittyClaws I’ve never posted any videos on YouTube, so how would I know? In that case, I think you should credit the people who drew the art in the video.

@MoonyBooDecember 2, 2018

@rainbow2222 I credit them when I know who they are. If it is just some pic I took on google, I say ITS NKT MINE.
Anyway, sorry If I sound rude... I am not at all okay...? 😓

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