Hey everyone! I would like to say thank you for 50 members in this group! This is awesome! Because of this, I would like to do a contest. Make a MOC based off of a scene in a movie that you liked. Then, post in on the group page. Make sure to put the movie in the title or description. At the beginning of the title, put DLS Contest. I will choose five winners. The prize isn't too big of a deal, but it's a shoutout on the group page. Remember to keep your MOC age appropriate.
Best of luck to all who enter!

DLasha Studiosadded May 14, 2019
Ironspider6056May 27, 2019

I’ll try... how long do we have?

DLasha StudiosMay 27, 2019

@ironspider6056 I'll make an announcement on that.

Ironspider6056May 27, 2019

@DLashaLegoStudios ok

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