Before I start, I would like to give a quick disclaimer. This is not an ad. I'm just giving recommendations for a minifig customizer.
Are you tired of waiting for LEGO to make a Stan Lee and Daredevil minifigure? Are you a basketball fan and want to add a LEGO LeBron James minifig to your collection? Do you want to build a wall in Stop-Motion? Well, is the place to go! The guys at do custom prints on real LEGO branded molds. They have a wide range of figures from superheroes to politicians to video game characters. They even do prints on non-minifigure pieces! Still not satisfied? You can make your own minifig with their parts that can be used to make a custom printed sig fig! You can even email them a doodlefig and they will put it on LEGO parts. All this at pretty good prices!
The Website:
Stan Lee minifig:
Donald Trump minifig:
Daredevil minifig:
LeBron Jame minifig:

DLasha Studiosadded July 20, 2019
ZehrSeptember 2, 2019

Plus your can make your own SigFig!😀

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