I was initially excited by the rarity of this watch, and it's unusual dial setup. It has the same movement as the Rolex Prince, but since it's a Gruen this watch is much cheaper. So I felt it was a bit of a bargain, relatively speaking.
After wearing it a few times, I realized that I don't like the way a rectangular watch looks on my wrist, or at least one as narrow as this. I also decided that I would far prefer solid gold over gold plate.
When I sold (on ebay) there was a bidding war and I was able to get all my money back. Good evidence that rarer and more valuable watches are cheaper in the long run, as your taste changes and you sell things you once liked.

Aaron Cadded February 3, 2019
@stumpelriltzchenFebruary 3, 2019

Interesting. This is a fantastic watch. Jumping hour and everything. But you learned something about your taste, and it was financially free for you in the end. Well done!

Stefanie NFebruary 3, 2019

Dream result. You get to live with a watch and don't lose $ by changing your mind. Plus it has a happy new home🙂

Aaron CFebruary 3, 2019

@stumpelriltzchen Another part of my experience was learning the difference between complications and aesthetics.
Because this watch has a rare complication it's a fairly pricey watch, but I didn't enjoy the complication. It's actually pretty hard to read! And I don't think it adds to the aesthetics.
So owning this watch was part of my realization that I prefer aesthetics over complications. Meaning, that I prioritize unusual (and beautiful) case and dial design over complications.

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