Model Horses For Sale/Trade

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All brands are allowed. Please post horse for sale, trade, or custom orders. Tack is also allowed to be sold here. Please mark any sold horses as sold! Also please note if they are shipped only or can have BF Pickups! Thanks!more
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Tuckeristhebest🐎started a discussion
If anyone want banks vanilla, I am willing to trade, if it is a good trademore
Shyannestarted a discussion
I'm selling all my schleich horses I will post pictures of them more
Cantering Horse Studiosstarted a discussion
I’ve got one more on the waymore
Rainbow Horse Stableshared their item
Madison Barberstarted a discussion
Looking to trade this guy for Rhian and Cadell or Bristol. :)more
Lexishared their shelf
Lexishared their shelf
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Shyannestarted a discussion
does anyone have stalemate bodysmore
Ggstarted a discussion
Does anyone have an S Just A Dream they might sell???? Highest I will pay is $85 to $90more
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Cantering Horse Studiosstarted a discussion
I’ve got lots for sale please check this out IM WILLING TO NEGOTIATE!!!!!more
Horseloverkristenstarted a discussion
Anyone know where I could find a rr stone Palouse horse? I can't but off of Snupps sadlymore
BreyerWolfProductionsstarted a discussion
Anyone have Collector Club web special Luna? Purple decorator mare with wolves on sides on the ruffian moldmore