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Your resource for all things SKATEBOARDING!!!more
Dillon Mehmistarted a discussion
heyy im a 17 yr old from England i want to start skateboarding ive nevwr tried before but love watching video about it etc. what board do you guys recommend a complete beginner and is it better for me to buy a complete or buy individual parts. thanks ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜more
Lottiestarted a discussion
does anyone have any tips for kickflips?more
Yair Perezstarted a discussion
Anybody know what board I should get next (price doesnโ€™t matter) size 7.75more
Lukestarted a discussion
anybody else fingerboard with teckdecks?more
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Petros Hatzimihalisstarted a discussion
What independent trucks do I use for a size 8.0 board?more
Smob182ollestarted a discussion
YouTube Smob182olle more
Ethanstarted a discussion
Does anyone know what I need to clean skate bearings?more
Tim meulemanstarted a discussion
Do you guys prefer any skate shoes?more
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Michael Cranstonstarted a discussion
Not so new at this timemore
John Villarrealstarted a discussion
Question: how long did it take you to land your first kickflip?(im like doing some r/Askreddit shit here but for skaters๐Ÿ˜‚)more
Dan D.started a discussion
y'all dig the waffle cone grip tape? also these OJ wheels are lit...more
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Picklestarted a discussion
Hi I just wanted to say braille skateboarding you guys helped me learn how to skateboard so thanksmore
@PatrickHamblinstarted a discussion
I started skateboarding not that long ago and I need help with my kickflips could anyone give me some tipsmore
Igor Duijvestijnstarted a discussion
Can u use 2 different trucks sime size?more
S8R Boishared their shelf
is that fucking Aaron kyro on the bannermore
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Zotya Herbรกnstarted a discussion
So are normal balanceboards better than the homemade 2 liter ones? I tried the 2 liter and its functioning well but id like to know if the normal ones are even better.more
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Mandyvhstarted a discussion
What cruiser board do you guys think is the best? more
Zotya Herbรกnstarted a discussion
Does sombody know how to get dog shit off the griptape?more
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Chili Burkestarted a discussion
hey, im trying to learn how to do rolling ollies could i get sum tips on how to get them highter pleasemore
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ใ‘ใ„ใ™ใ‘started a discussion
Hi! I'm japanese.high school student. I love skateboarding. I jointed this group.I can English cheep.this picuture is new my skate shoes.please your opinionmore
Albertstarted a discussion
Whatโ€™s your opinion on verb decks?more
Rachel Lightseystarted a discussion
wanted to know who this wasmore