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Hello friends! This is a place for people to advertise the models they have for trade/sale at BF. Also if you are looking for some feel free to share! Models, tack, dioramas, ECT.more
Horseloverkristenstarted a discussion
Anybody have an idea on what next years bf theme is?more
allornadastudiosstarted a discussion
Hey y’all! As some of you may know, it’s my first year attending BreyerFest, so any tips of any sort would be greatly appreciated!more
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Cantering Horse Studiosstarted a discussion
I’m still not sure if I’ll go to BreyerFest but if I do I’ll have these (as many as I can take with me) there for sale I’ll try and wear some sort of pin or tee shirt that has canting horse studios on itmore
allornadastudiosstarted a discussion
Same with these models, as well!more
allornadastudiosstarted a discussion
I can do BreyerFest Pickups on these guys!more
firefly_studios1023started a discussion
Hey Everyone! Thank you for including me to the group! I’ll leave my sales/trades for BF pickup let me know if you are interested in something or want more pics!more