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Daniel Ramirez👻started a discussion
How longs have you been skating or snowboarding???more
Daniel Ramirez👻started a discussion
How long did it take you guys to get Ollie’s goodmore
Max Stemstarted a discussion
I was snowboarding NOT SKATEBOARDING( I love skating too though) and I tried to 180 off of this like metal lump I don’t really know how to describe it but I slipped and sprained my wrist really badmore
Logan Newberrystarted a discussion
so I was doing a 50/50 and I fell off and Landed on my back and I just woke up so now I'm hurting more
Daniel Ramirez👻started a discussion
A couple days ago I fell of a curb trying to Ollie off a curb a curb but the crack stopped my wheels so when I Ollied I fell on my back then hit my head so my shoulder got scraped with a big chunk of skin getting scratchedmore