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For master duelists, beginners, or old players coming back to Yugioh all are welcome.more
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What’s up all come check out my YouTube channel for some great Yugioh content. Check out my YouTube channel for some great Yugioh content. Updated weekly as I am in the infant stages of it and still trying to find my identity. Be sure to invite your friends, subscribe, comment, and crush that li...more
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doe anyone know any deck builds that can be changed easilymore
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What a idiotmore
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So, does anyone have any new years resolutuionsmore
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hi just asking if u are new to the gamemore
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My Blue-Eyes deck is complete, I’ll keep you updated.more
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what is a good amount of money to spend on Yugioh cards without going overboard.more
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Should I make a Blue-Eyes deck or na?more