Hello ponies!
I just wanted to say that I’m seeing a lot of people posting images from the finale of mlp and I just wanted to ask that you all keep in mind that some people have not yet seen it. I know, for me, that season 9 isn’t available some countries yet and so I haven’t been able to watch it yet. Of course I DO NOT want to tell people what and what not to post. I simply ask that you maybe put a spoiler warning as an item cover or something like that.
Personally, I have been waiting for the finale of mlp for about 9 years and it’s really disappointing to have it ruined by spoilers.
I of course DO NOT IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER mean to be rude and I hope you all know that. I simply wanted to ask that we all work together to avoid spoiling it for other people!
Thank you so much and I truley hope you understand! 💗💕✨

Moondust Twinkleadded September 8, 2019
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