Haiii ponies!
So now that I’ve finished uploading my backstory, there will be more stories to come! But until then I was actually thinking about doing a different kind of ‘series’!
Would anyone be interested if I started to upload some facts about Moondust and maybe some of my other ocs like Sunbeam? I was thinking of letting you guys know some interesting things about Moondust that you might not have picked up on in my backstory (I’m not the best writer so somethings were not really explained well XD)
Let me know! 💕✨

Moondust Twinkleadded September 25, 2019
Luna Moon MLPSeptember 25, 2019

Yaya I’ll get to the reading

Moondust TwinkleSeptember 26, 2019

@BuffySummers @mlpcollectorgirlLM hehe thank youuu 💕✨

AnnabelleSeptember 26, 2019

@Moondust_Twinkle 😊

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