okay, these guys have been in desperate need of a redesign for quite some time now and I have some good ideas for their general look but... omg I’m having the worst time trying to come up with their colour scheme! I want them to each resemble certain aspects of Moondust, but not as obviously as they do now. ugh... can someone please help? anyone got any ideas for their colours?

Moons ☾added January 9, 2020

@Moondust_Twinkle You’re welcome!!! SCHOOL IS THE WORST YOU’RE RIGHT!!!!!

Nebula Cloud 101January 9, 2020

@rainbow2222 @Moondust_Twinkle I feel sorry for you guys *stands up* cause I’m on holidays! *does a little dance* I’m sorry. But ya! School is just the kid’s version of jail

Moons ☾January 9, 2020

@Cottoncloud soooooooo true!

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