please feel free to offer some constructive criticism! I’m trying really hard to improve and create my own style in order to move away from the show style! :))

Moons ☾added April 12, 2020
Moons ☾April 12, 2020

also please excuse the lined paper, I was too lazy to go get plain :P

Nebula Cloud 101April 12, 2020

I love the new style! If you want some criticism.... I really like the face, it’s cute and it kind of hides in the main. I like what you did with the body. I understand this is a different style, so no offence, it does look like the neck if too big, and the body is to. (I’m sorry! You said did ask for criticism). But I like it anyway. I’m not sure if it’s the style or not, but maybe you could make So more body parts bigger and so smaller. Just saying. But I love it anyway! You are improving so much

Moons ☾April 12, 2020

@Cottoncloud thank youu! don’t worry, I don’t take any offence! I’m glad I’m able to get some feedback on it! I’ll keep working on it ;)

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