So I was trying to style my new ponies hair and I just kept getting frustrated at this new plastic for the hair. Whatever it is I do not like it is greasy and oily and hard to tame. I'm just super frustrated that I can not do my ponies hai because I cant style it properly. Does anyone have this problem? Do we know how to fix it?

Fantastic Bowtiesadded December 29, 2018
HeatherJanuary 4, 2019

Firstly, wash her hair with shampoo and conditioner to remove the oils. Then, let her air dry overnight. If she’s frizzy or has frizzy ends, flatiron her hair on the lowest possible setting (preferably under 200F). You must do this when she’s completely dry and do it quickly to avoid melting.

Fantastic BowtiesJanuary 5, 2019

@ScarletDiamondPonies thanks, but I might skip the flat iron process, also I gave the pony a simple hairstyle to avoid any disaster I think she looks ok

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