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This is a group for people who enjoy the Yugioh trading card game.more
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Charlie beachstarted a discussion
what you thinkmore
Charlie beachstarted a discussion
guys how much is this worthmore
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I’m looking for -Trickstar Candina -Destiny HERO - Dominance -Xtra HERO Cross Crusader -Fusion Destinymore
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Looking for older school cards/ alt art works! Almost everything in the binder is for trade.more
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I normally don't like these kinds of posts, but I can no longer ignore the issue at hand. Cywang82, formerly known as Damien Paris Robertson, I have yet to receive the cards that I was promised from our trade. It's been well over a month(probably closer to 2 now) and he has neglected to return co...more
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Don't Trade With cj booth because if you don't send first he will call you a scammer and then start harassing you just like he's doing with me so Don't Trade With him , and he said he sent the cards but I never got them so if anything he's he scammermore
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can someone please help me I'm having issues with not getting my notifications from snupps more
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yugioh vids will start next week! sub now, 100 sub giveaway is close!more
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Stevenstarted a discussion
I'm coming back.. subscribe, share, and get ready for some awesome content.
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I have a sealed Dragunity Legion structure deck that I'm looking to sell. Message me if interestedmore
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I'm looking for 3 Trickstar Reincarnation and 3 Trickstar Corobanemore
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does anyone have meteor black comet dragon more
Justin Yatesstarted a discussion
I'm looking for brave eyes pendulum dragon more
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sell bindermore
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After number cards if anyone has anymore
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everyone watch out Damien Paris Robinson is going by the name cywang82 now more
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Warning: Don't trust Damien Paris Robinson. He doesn't send cards and doesn't reply to you more
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yugiouh trade want list Borreload Dragon BorrelSword Dragon El Shadoll Shekkinaga El Shadoll Wendigo Borreload Savage Dragon Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon 2 As he Blossom and Joyous Spring 2Droll and Lock Bird supreme king ZARK Borrelguard Dragon more