Gregory IngersonJuly 8, 2018
Gregory IngersonJuly 10, 2018

@SecretaryOfHate yea, that’s why I didn’t get origins yet. I have three games I have to finish now and then school and my internship start in fall. I’ll play fallout when these are done and it’s cheaper and when most of the bugs are fixed haha same with red dead 2. I have to play origins before odyssey too. Assassins has been my favorite games for years but they lost a lot of the magic they had in I, II, Brotherhood, III, and Black Flag. They stopped having a mystical mystery that was so wonderful with rich history and attention to detail. I still love all of the games and I played them all. I really want 4K so I can upgrade and reeeeally enjoy gaming

Secretary Of HateJuly 10, 2018

@Ingers20 Egypt is beautiful on Assassin’s Creed Origins! Odyssey looks breathtaking! I’m a big history guy, and the time of the Greeks during the The Peloponnesian War was very fascinating. Also ancient Kemet is very fascinating as well as these two countries for Greece 🇬🇷 and Egypt 🇪🇬 are the basis (along with Roman Italy 🇮🇹) where people get many of the pagan gods that people worship today. When you get to Origins, you won’t be disappointed.

Gregory IngersonJuly 10, 2018

@SecretaryOfHate cool, yea I have been excited for some time.