Kat (KittyKatBeauty)added December 19, 2017

*Cruelty Free
*Kabuki brush (free)
*Unicorn Glow Highlighting Brush (free)
*MegaGlo Cheek & Lip Tint Flirt on the Street SKU#34886(free)
*Perfect Pair Ombre Lip Wand 117A Mutually Beneficial (free)
*PhotoFocus Color Corrector 770C Peach (free)
*ColorIcon Lip liner 712 Willow (free)
*Megalast lip color 12958 London Skies (on sale)
*ColorIcon 10 pan eye-shadow palettes
-757A Nude Awaking
-758 Rosè In The Air
-760 Not A Basic Peach
-759 Comfort Zone
*Color Icon Quads
-344B Petalette
-343B Hooked on Vinyl
-359 Sweet As Candy
-340B Walking on Eggshells
-337 Silent Treatment
-338 Lights Out

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