Kat (KittyKatBeauty)added January 17, 2020

$75 for the box
Items that came in Mystery Bag :
*JSC Blue Metal Straws
*Velour Liquid Lipstick πŸ’„ in Cherry πŸ’ Wet
*Velour lip liner in Posh Spice
*5 Year Anniversary Liquid lipstick Set
Drug Lord, Androgoney, Ho Ho Ho, Mistle Toe,
*Blue Blood Eyeshadow Palette
*Liquid Frost in Frozen Peach πŸ‘ &

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@DarxechoeJanuary 19, 2020

Woah! You got the blue blood palette!! I got the regular one. Hope it gets here soon.

Kat (KittyKatBeauty)January 19, 2020

@Darxechoe hope you get a good bag. I got an extra lucky bag so im pleased with what i got.