Baris Mehmet KuralMarch 30, 2020
Baris Mehmet KuralApril 2, 2020

@Sands_Of_Time oh btw I am definitely not a hero! But i know heros at ED’s and ICU and lots of family medicine guys and nurses , but not me ! But thank you

Sands of TimeApril 2, 2020

We are all in this together but those who are at the health care frontlines sacrificed not only their health but also by not being near their families at this critical period. We can only hope & pray this will be over soon. 🙏

Aaron CApril 3, 2020

I live in an urban environment in th US, and every time I hear a siren I think of the sick person who may be on the verge of death, and of the medical people who are trying to help them even though they don't have enough protective gear to keep themselves safe.
Stay safe! Wer appreciate all you're doing for us!