Baris Mehmet KuralApril 11, 2021
EddieTheBeastApril 12, 2021

Maybe wear it for a few days to see if it clicks with you. I didn’t like my Alpinist at all for a few days! But within a day of wearing it I have loved it since!!
If you don’t bond you’ll have no problem selling it, Zelos has a massive following!

Mustafa Ç.April 12, 2021

You should probably give it a go, as you said with a different strap. I don't know if you prefer a silicon strap but there are nice Barton Elite silicon straps, especially the ''pumpkin orange&black'' colored version.

Baris Mehmet KuralApril 12, 2021

Yes you are right! I do have some similar straps! I probably not be able to sell a price that I can replace with something I like ! So i will give it a try! @Scarletlion