Luckyshotadded March 22, 2021

Now many here know I’m a big fan of the Glashutte Sea Q as I own both this version with the black dial and the new blue dial which I recently uploaded here for all to appreciate. This watch manufacture (WolBrook) went under or defunct in the mid 1970s during the quartz crisis like many others. I think it resembles my GO very much alike, of course the GO was released in 1969 so it predates this version original release, but dammit it’s awesome that this was release, I feel that this design has a some history and it’s very common that brands borrow designs from on e another. I would like members thoughts on this piece. Thanks and one love to all my watch lovers the world over. One Love.

LuckyshotMarch 22, 2021

@kuralm74 Baris, I’m not a big fan of the ETA 2824-2 or Sellita sew200-2, I do love the 2892A2 that one is great. Don’t winding issues on the 2824 is a let down. It doesn’t like to be wound.

Baris Mehmet KuralMarch 23, 2021

I gave the cheapest options , if there is an option, I definitely prefer a 2892 with A2 upgrade, i love that movement! But not a Miyoya at this beautiful watch! @luckyshot

LuckyshotMarch 23, 2021

@kuralm74 agree the forth iteration is the A2 which I'm a huge fan, I currently have three watches
With that movement and they all very accurate well within COSC.the 9010 and 9011 from Miyota are the best but they cone standard with limited release watches such as the grand signature from Citizen, running plus two a day on mine. I out this Wolbrook up so maybe someone might be interested as a alternative to GO or something, also I would like others opinion. I will not be giving up on my GO though, love them immensely.