Missy Hanksadded December 5, 2018

So, I didn't get to use this up. I feel like there was a leak or something because there is definitely still product in the can but there is no more aerosol. Smells fantastic and works well. I want to buy another to see if it was just this one that was a dud. Tossed
I have two more in backup that seem to do this thing where even though it's in the can, it's like it's been used a ton. Not sure what's up with the packaging.
Second one started. One more on backup
One used up 3july2020
Smelled nice. Didn't have a heavy white cast. Left a thick feeling to my hair. Like dirty but not at the same time. Was just ok.
Last one didn't get to use because again there was product in the can and no aerosol. Tossed. Wouldn't recommend or repurchase because of the terrible packaging.

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