Missy Hanksadded September 17, 2019

Got three of these as Sephora point perks.
One used up and tossed. I get two uses out of this little bottle. It doesn't have too strong of a scent but definitely smells like apple cider vinegar. The smell stays but I wash my hair after and that gets rid of the scent. I do feel like my hair has been quite soft and clean feeling after. I wash my hair twice a week. I know it says it's a substitute for shampoo but I can't stand the smell of Apple cider vinegar so I use a little bit of shampoo and wash it after so it gets rid of the smell and feels totally clean. I use this once a week and my scalp scrub the other day I wash my hair. It's been working really nice. I feel like I like it enough that I might buy a full size. Going to continue using the other two.
Both others used up. Still same feelings. Not sure I want to purchase. Used up and tossed all three.

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