ohnoitschrisadded June 23, 2018

This is an old Shadowrun sourcebook for the P&P RPG, with a copyright year of 1989. I found this at a Goodwill sometime in the early 2010s. And check that out, it's the original price tag, dated June 7th, 1990. The Great Escape is a local Kentucky & Tennessee comic book chain that's still around today, so that's cool to see.
I.. can't say I have much to say on this, personally. I loved the SNES Shadowrun game, and what little I got to play of 4e at a local game store several years ago. I'll never forget how it also took my group seven hours to build our characters. Oh, Shadowrun, your world really is fun enough to be worth it.
So, I've flipped through this a bit to read a bit about the world and enjoy the great artwork (some of which is in color, even). Shadowrun's universe is a little unnerving with how it seemed to predict a lot of what would happen in the future: Megacorporations taking over, cyberware being everywhere, computerized implants, even shamans with ayahuasca became popular. I hope the awakening happens someday. At this point, I don't think anything can surprise me.

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Daniel CJune 23, 2018

That might be first edition shadowruns core book. That or second edition.

FoxNoctomJune 23, 2018

One of the greatest rpg experiences ever. A great mix of magic and tech, it's in good condition too, I've seen these books held together with zip ties.