sem34090added January 20, 2020

LSWR-Pattern 'Porter' Cap Badge
Based on multiple photos of LSWR Cap Badges, then 3D Printed in resin, I intend to cast these in pewter and offer them for sale as usable reproductions. They are intentionally slightly different from the originals in order to minimise the possibility of them being sold as real ones.
The example pictured is my own resin example, and is slightly undersized.
This style of badge is accurate for those wishing to portray LSWR Uniform and Southern Railway uniform, on ex-LSWR lines, from 1923 into the late-1940s. Photographic evidence suggests that they were also seen in former LBSCR territory by 1937. Under BR they don't seem to have lasted terribly long as BR seems to have rolled out new, standardised, uniforms relatively quickly.