Abdul Rahman ARadded September 8, 2019
Aaron CSeptember 9, 2019

Nice video Abdul!
I personally think that watches are a terrible investment. Young people today are gravitating towards Apple watches (ie, function, not aesthetics), which doesn't bode well for mechanical. Either that, or young people decide not to own posessions altogether.
In 50 or 75 years what will we think think of today's wristwatches? I think it will be similar to how we think of pocket watches today - functionally obsolete and disinteresating.

Abdul Rahman ARSeptember 9, 2019

@AaronCollection I agree and disagree at the same time, I think the younger generation are going digital, but also going very vintage and nostalgic. I think its an investment, if you know about watches, have fun with watches, and have other means of long term investments. I think there will be always mechanical watches, even with all the digital and smart watches around. Thanks Aaron :)