Abdul Rahman ARadded April 2, 2020
Abdul Rahman ARApril 2, 2020

@StephenLow I can see even a lot of micro brands closing shops, and I think there might be a new watch group to buy up these small watch makers to create a big group like swatch. I think everyone that released watches in 2020 will definitely have to sell with discounts or at least will suffer from less sales.

ThomasApril 2, 2020

Nice trio 👍 I also guess that the small manufacturers without a strong brand will suffer most. Rolex will be like gold these times.

Abdul Rahman ARApril 3, 2020

@turbo_muc thanks Thomas. I agree, especially unloved brands will be very cheap to get and cheaper if you want to sell. On the other hand, Rolex has the recognition that a global currency needs.