Stuartadded October 20, 2017

its a pretty small room but i think i have made the best of the space so far.
Around 2000+ games, 22 game systems including handheld, 13 of the console systems permanently set up either connected directly to one of 4 displays or linked through one of two hi-end switch boxes with HDMI /Scart RGB / component / composite and RF (for the really old ones) to the 3 types of displays 2x CRT/1x LCD/1x PC monitor.

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OJJEDecember 13, 2017

Really nice setup! Wish I had the space to do the same!

AoMaRu_KxApril 18, 2018

Your collection is excellent, brings me back in the days, lots of great games and consoles..

JoelJanuary 29, 2020

Dude, sick!