MCU Collectoradded September 9, 2019

I just watched It 2 and funko ruined part of it for me with the pennywise with skateboard pop. It is a great pop but it came out a month or two after the movie came out and it's a spoiler. They did this with the Shazam pops to but you don't know it's a spoiler until you start watching the movie. This is just a complaint i have comment if you have any problems with funko.

VasilisSeptember 9, 2019

@stranger_pops I agree with you, what Funko should do instead is either put a spoiler alert Poster on there social media pages (Like to do here on Snupps) whenever they do Big Movie Pop reveals etc! or wait for at least a month after the movie releases before announcing them, so that it gives people a chance to see it before they ruin it. Anyways that’s just my opinion and how I feel about it. I’m sorry that they ruined a bit of the film for you.