Wasabi Animationsadded April 8, 2019

Hey guys, I know it’s been I while and I know I’m kinda using this app to market my YouTube channel. If I get at least two subscribers on my channel I will stop. Also to make sure I know it’s you guys comment something in my latest video saying you subbed and I might sub back. Btw I know I spelt animations insider with an e “inseder” wrong I meant that.

Wasabi AnimationsApril 19, 2019

@ironspider6056 okay

ZachMay 18, 2019

How can I easily find your channel. All I can find are Insider videos

Wasabi AnimationsJuly 7, 2019

@Aragorn01 sorry about not getting to your comment on time but just look up Animations Insider Baldi a LEGO Story and you should find it