Thomasadded February 11, 2018

My entry to the world of automatic watches... bought in 2007. I was always longing for a Rolex Daytona and then - as a student - bought this one instead. Still love it. Quality is awesome πŸ‘

ThomasMarch 19, 2019

Thanks! I am afraid that I am not familiar with the current prices of this model. List price in 2006 was approx EUR 1700. I just know that prices for these Tudor went up significantly. From 2000 it has probably still a Rolex Oyster case & crown?! Then the price would probably be reasonable.

Scott W. LissonDecember 31, 2019

Beautiful watch. If you’re considering selling it, let me know.

ThomasDecember 31, 2019

@bigboyotis thanks Scott πŸ‘ very much appreciated. As this was my first mechanical watch I will probably never sell πŸ˜‰