Thomasadded July 22, 2018

And I cannot believe that I could live without this watch before 😁😁😁
It's so absolutely amazing. The bezel shines differently all the time πŸ‘Œ
More pics to follow... 😎
It has some signs of wear (you cannot see in the pictures) but therefore the case does not seem to be polished... makes it easIer to wear if you don't have to worry all the time!
My post today was just interim from the watch trade fair because @GiantRacer was so nice to double check some facts πŸ‘ thanks mate!

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ThomasJuly 27, 2018

@tocktick fully agree - the Kermit is the Submariner with just a little extra - it looks less massive than the Hulk and I prefer that. The aluminium bezel shines in so many different green tones depending on the light.

PeteJuly 27, 2018

@tocktick I agree! πŸ‘πŸ»

PamsterSeptember 4, 2018

The Kermit is one if my all-time faves!!