Thomasadded August 1, 2019

Had this watch on my list for quite some time but now I had the opportunity to buy it full set in very nice condition for a reasonable price. Might have been polished at some point of time but this was a top job, only minor signs of wear on the bezel and clasp.
It looks amazing - much better in real as on the pictures and it certainly has wrist presence 😁 and weight πŸ’ͺ
The apnoe chronograph is a really great gadget: for every minute one dot fills red up to 7 minutes and for the next 7 minutes one dot vanishes from the other side every minute. So you can easily read time spans up to 14 minutes under water 🚿 will test how long I can stay under water in my next holiday at the latest 😎
Only thing which is a bit weird: as the second hand is for the chronograph only you have no normal seconds hand. Makes it more difficult to set and check accuracy. But there do not seem to be any major deviations πŸ‘

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ThomasAugust 6, 2019

@siabdo yeah, an unnecessary yet very cool complication 😎

Tal_36August 8, 2019

Unusual but 😎

ThomasAugust 8, 2019

@Tal36 true, it’s a different yet special watch πŸ‘