Mia Evans Nails 🇬🇧added June 1, 2020

❣️what I used❣️
Seche vite base coat
Barry m in cotton
Born pretty in 3
Wikkid in itsy bitsy teeny weeny
Wikkid in California gurls
Wikkid in club tropicana
Wikkid in beach baby
Wikkid in under the broadwalk
Wikkid in surfin USA
Seche vite topcoat
Pretty matte topcoat
Cuticle oil
🛠Tools used🛠
Born pretty in bp-l009
Born pretty stamper
Beautybigbang scraper
Cuticle pusher
Makeup sponge
Silicon mat
Small dotting tool
Clean up brush
Cotton claw

AiEmmaJune 2, 2020

Love this so much, I had a shirt with this color in the 90's and loved it🥺


@AiEmma thank you hunni 💕

AiEmmaJune 6, 2020

@twild you're welcome 😊👍